About Clean Cut Energy Submetering Services

We believe in utility fairness. Everyone should pay only for the utilities they consume; period. 

In many condominium or commercial real estate complexes, utilities are included in the rent, as a common expense or divided up among tenants on per square foot basis. But what if you use way less than your neighbour,  should you really be subsidizing their utility use? You want to conserve and install energy efficient appliances or equipment but why pay the extra cost for that equipment if you will never see the benefit on your bill? Your complex just received a high utility bill but you have no idea whether the higher cost is justified.

Clean Cut Energy will design a submetering solution for your complex that allows utilities to be individually metering so that everyone pays only for what they use. 

Convenient Payment Options:

Clean Cut Energy also offers multiple payment methods so that you can make payments in a manner that is most convenient for you.

  • Pay your bill directly from your bank account: We are registered as a biller at most Canadian banks (TD, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, RBC, Scotia Bank or a local Credit Union). Simply add Clean Cut Energy Corp as a biller and include the account number provided to you on your bill.  If you prefer you can pay at your local branch by taking a copy of your bill to the teller.

  • Sign up for Pre-authorized Debit: Don't want the hassle of making sure your bill is paid on time then consider signing up for Pre-authorized debit services.  Simply download, complete and return the pdf form from the Forms Page and provide us with a copy of a void cheque and you are done.  You will still receive a copy of your bill every month so you are aware of what will be withdrawn from you account but that's it. 

  • Pay by Cheque: We also accept cheque payments for bills.  Please include the Clean Cut Energy Account number in the memo section of the cheque so that we can ensure your payment gets credited to your account.

Contact us for more information about how we can save you and your unit holders money.

Conditions of Service Document:

We believe in utility fairness and want customer to know and understand our policies about how we manage utilities. We have created a conditions of service document that outlines how we manage your utilities. Please review the document and if you have any questions please let us know.

  • Conditions of Service Document (PDF)

  • Privacy Policy:

    As part of the service we offer we are often required to collect and store personal information.  Please find a copy of our company privacy policy shown below.  Please review the document and if you have any questions please contact us.

  • Privacy Policy (PDF)
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