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Clean Cut Energy is a PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario) registered corporation with energy efficient engineering and submetering experience in the field of utility conservation.  Our staff is passionate about energy efficiency and our core belief is that it start with a measured understanding of where your organization is now so that management can plan for the future with energy and water in mind. We provide energy and water audits, develop long term resource management plans and secure incentives for projects for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients. Conservation is the cornerstone of a successful energy management strategy and the Clean Cut Energy team of professionals has the knowledge and experience required to assist with moving your organization closer to your utility management goals.

Energy Measuring and Submetering

Reduce, Reuse and Produce is the mantra of the new sustainable energy industry:

  1. Reduce:  A documented and benchmarked reduction in energy consumption by streamlining processes and implementing energy efficient technology is a great way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.
  2. Reuse: Look for co-operative energy use opportunities in your facility. Do you have excess heat being produce by a piece of equipment that could be used elsewhere.  Heat and energy recovery from existing systems is a great way to make better use of the resources you've already paid for.
  3. Produce: Look to sources of green power to produce power that can take your facility off the grid, sell back to the grid, or enable co-generation partnerships with neighbours and industry leaders, for example, wind power or solar power generation.

Conservation is the cornerstone of an Energy Management Plan for any facility. Performing an energy assessment is an excellent way to highlight areas in your facility where you can reduce and reuse your energy.  A detailed action plan with paybacks and savings estimates result from a Clean Cut Energy assessment of your facilities. We will prepare you to save money and improve the sustainability of your daily business operations.

Conducting an energy assessment is a great tool for monitoring energy usage and setting your facility up to make the most out of green energy producing initiatives. An energy assessment will reveal many savings opportunities at your site. Paybacks range from instant (for simple changes such as using light switches and reducing water waste) to 1-4 year range for many capital projects. Both utility and government funding will be identified as part of the assessment and available for energy efficient technology implementation.  

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