What is Submetering?

Water, Electricity, Natural Gas and Thermal Energy Submetering systems measure an individual unit holders utility usage so that everyone in a multi-residential or multi-unit commercial complex only pay for the utilities they consume. This encourages unit owners to conserve energy, make energy efficient upgrades and invest in the energy infrastructure of their unit.  In Submetered buildings, high energy users in a complex aren't subsidized by other low energy users in the building but have to pay for their consumption directly.  This creates fairness for energy users and a stronger sense of community cooperation toward energy objectives.

Clean Cut Energy provides all our clients with energy management services to help building owners and condominium boards manage the energy in the building that isn't submetered.  Common area systems like pools, sauna, shared roof top units, exterior lighting and snow melt systems are often costs that are shared by all residents.  In a Clean Cut Energy submetered building these elements are monitored and supervised so that feedback on the operation of these systems is available and accessible to building owners and condominium boards.  In many cases volunteer board members are called upon to manage hundred's of thousands of dollars of building energy costs and Clean Cut Energy provides them tools, advice and data to make informed manage decisions.

Clean Cut Energy works with building designers and owners to help create energy efficient buildings with submetering systems that enhance an owners understanding of how energy is consumed. We are often asked to provide energy models for buildings so that owners can make informed decisions about building energy consumption, equipment selection, and other useful utility related decisions before the building is built. 

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